Several students from El Modena High School’s Print Lab stop for a photo at the entrance.

The Spyder3D® team is tremendously grateful and honored to have been invited by the OC Department of Education to attend the fifth annual OC Pathways Showcase, held on Tuesday the third at the Marconi Auto Museum in Tustin, CA.

Several sports cars parked out front greet museum visitors at the entrance.

The showcase is a celebration of the incredible symbiotic relationship created between local businesspeople and the Career Technical Education (CTE) programs offered by the four regions in Orange County: North, South, Coastline, and Central. Together, these programs are helping students across the county explore the vast array of CTE pathways and the many engaging careers that will be available to them after high school.

Guests entered through a hallway showcasing all 15 CTE pathways in California.
Kathy Boyd, Executive Director of OC Pathways speaks about their work-based learning continuum model.

While our focus is primarily on combining lessons and skills in business, manufacturing, and art, the museum floor was full of educators and students participating in all 15 CTE pathways in California including health science, energy, fashion, construction, and all the rest. The running theme of the showcase, “Your Workforce is Here” is a rallying cry for today’s CTE students, informing the current workforce loud and clear that when the time comes for their turn to start working, they’ll be ready to hit the ground running.

All attending students were recognized for their participation in the various OC CTE programs.

The phrase was proudly emblazoned on the t-shirts worn by the roughly 100 attending students, and all were printed on campus by the students of El Modena High School’s Spyder Lab. Surrounded by sports cars and racing memorabilia, Lab instructor Chris Warrior and seven of his students were able to attend and mingle with the various educators and business partners, allowing for the students to push themselves out of their comfort zones and engage their soft skills necessary for professional growth.

El Mo Spyder Lab student Serenity speaks with a professional.
El Mo Spyder Lab Student Jacob speaks with another professional.

These bright young pupils are only at the beginning of their work-based learning journey. Having now met and engaged with educators, professionals, and other students, they have a better grasp on the professional world and an added boost to their self-confidence that along with the completion of their CTE programs will help make the transition to the working world a breeze.
All of us at Spyder3D® would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone at the OC Department of Education for inviting us to this unique experience and for everything that they do to help prepare their students for success.

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