Our Story

We are Spyder3D®, a small company with a big dream: to give all students the opportunity to succeed. The dream has become a reality at high schools where we have partnered with educational and child development experts to bring SpyderLab® to life – a comprehensive, engaging graphic media production and digital fabrication program that teaches students the design, technical and business skills necessary for a career in a wide range of companies and industries.

It all started with our proprietary “Spyder Nest” bank of 3D-printers using our odorless Orbium® filament, designed especially for the needs of educational institutions.

Once we added state-of-the-art Laser Engraving, Large Format Printing and Direct-to-Garment equipment, and design programs including Illustrator, PhotoShop and AutoCad, we had the bones of the SpyderLab.

But only when we partnered with forward-thinking experts in education did SpyderLab become a fully integrated, hands-on curriculum where business, engineering, science and arts students learn digital design, technical production skills, and the soft skills needed to work as a team running an on-campus business, producing team and club t-shirts, award plaques, banners and posters.

SpyderLab has proven itself in several California high schools, with graduates going on to college to pursue related studies, while others secured jobs with employers who demand relevant technical, creative and business skills.

The SpyderLab program works for all students, from college-bound high-achievers to “at risk” students who are not meeting academic standards and are often left behind. Some are excited by the opportunity to explore their creativity, some by getting certified with technical production skills, while others thrive in the team-oriented environment where they learn to manage an actual business.

Together as One

Our Spyder LabTM gives school students a place to come together, learn together, and grow together.

Each lab provides a warm, open environment where all are welcome to explore and create.

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