RICOH Ri 1000 DTG Printer

Certification Guide



  • Printable Apparel material
  • Front & Back Power Switch
  • Replace Ink Cartridges
  • Shake white ink cartridges(Daily & right before use)
  • Adjust Platen Height (not too low)
  • Align Garment w/ Frame
  • Print Tab: Set, Eject, Stop, Stored Job, Print Copies
  • Iron Garment
  • Position Garment properly on Platen
  • Print on White/pretreated/RTP colored shirts.
  • Pretreat non-pretreated colored shirts.
  • Properly Remove Garment from Platen
  • Cure Garment

Hardware (Heat Press)

  • Heat Press Settings: Timer, Temperature. Load Preset.
  • Adjust Pressure


  • AnaRip
  • Supported File Types
  • Import Design
  • Print Settings Tab: Artwork Scaling, Size, Position, Textile Color
  • White Ink Tab: Enable White Underbase
  • White Ink Tab: Content based
  • White Ink Tab: Print underbase
  • View: Color, underbase, TrueView
  • Send artwork to print


  • Humidity & Temperature
  • Status Panel: Ink Levels, Reset Waste Ink.
  • Waste Bottle
  • Maintenance Tab: Nuzzle Check, Auto Head Clean.
  • Machine secure ink level for idle
  • Leave Machine on



  • Print Using USB Drive
  • Printing on long sleeves, foil, wood, canvas, Shoe, Hat, large/small apparel etc with different Platen
  • Larger landscape design print


  • Color Adjustments Tab
  • White ink Tab: Underbase Adjustments


  • Maintenance Tab: Manual Cleaning
  • Nozzle Clean
  • Clean/Replace Maintenance Unit (Station)
  • Cleaning Ink Sump
  • Setting Tab: White Cleaning Charge Process
  • Use cleaner charge if not plan to use white ink for a long time.
  • Use cleaner charge to Fix minor Clogged White Ink
  • Print Head Capping
  • Setting Tab: White Ink Charge Process
  • Clean encoder strip
  • Replace Fan Filter
  • Greasing roller

Advanced Additional


  • Service Part Status Tab
  • Clean Encoder strip sensor
  • Replace Encoder Strip
  • Firmware Update
  • Ink Syringe for Cogged nozzle
  • Replace Maintenance Unit
  • Replace Carriage
  • Replace CTL board
  • Replace sub-CTL board
  • Replace Ink Supply Unit
  • Replace Display
  • Replace Power Supply
  • Replace/solve blue splash issue
  • Service Menu
  • Storage Mode Process

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