Roland TrueVIS SG2-540 Printer Cutter

Certification Guide



  • Front & Back Power Switch
  • Recognize Material Name and Usage.
  • Loading/Unloading Roll of Material
  • Aligning Roll of Material
  • Adjusting Pinch Rollers
  • How Pinch Roller work with Grit roller
  • What to determine Printable width
  • Adjusting Media Clamps
  • Changing Base Point
  • Adjusting Print Head Height
  • Fix print head Scratches un-flat Material (if happened)
  • Pause/Cancel Print
  • Perform Sheet Cut
  • Finished Print trimming with Blade
  • Install Grommets (if needed)

Software (Poster, Banner & Canvas)

  • VersaWorks Window: Print Status, RIP Status, Job List, Queue, Ink
  • Supported File types
  • Importing files
  • Corrupt JPG fix through Photoshop (If needed)
  • Settings, Nest, RIP
  • Layout Tab: Get Media Width, Scale, Width, Height, Copy, Spacing, Mirror, Orientation
  • Adjust multiple graphics layout (if needed)
  • Selection Tool, Zoom Tool, Rearrange Tiles
  • Quality Tab: Correct Media Type.
  • Difference between printing quality
  • Mark Tab: Trim Marks, Margin Marks
  • Copy/Paste Setting Value
  • Send project to Print
  • Print Count


  • Leave machine on
  • Change Ink/Cleaning Cartridges


Hardware (Sticker)

  • Correct Blade Degree for different material
  • Menu–>Cut Config–>Test Cut: Force, Speed, Offset
  • Limit copy for large quantity print with multiple print Count
  • Adjust Force, Speed, Offset during printer cutting
  • Different speed range for thin/thick material.

Software (Sticker)

  • Cut Controls Tab: Cut Image Boundaries, Cutting Conditions Settings
  • Contour Cut Lines Setup in Illustrator.

Hardware (Pole Banner)

  • Setup Pole Banner Print

Software (Large Format Graphics Print)

  • Clip & Tile Tab: Clip Image, Manual Tiling, Number of Tiles, Overlap distance
  • Installation

Application (Graffiti/Tatoo/Tatoo Nylon/ClearFlex)

  • Material Properties, Design
  • FlexTape / Heat Transfer Process


  • Test Print / Nuzzle Check
  • Normal Cleaning
  • Medium/Powerful Cleaning
  • Manual Cleaning Process
  • Emptying Waste Ink
  • Replacing Blade/Separating Knife

Advanced Additional


  • Printer Controls Tab: Heater Controls – Custom Settings for Printer Heater and Dryer
  • Printer Controls Tab: Heater Controls – Custom Settings for Vacuum Power, Dry Time
  • Printer Controls Tab: Cut Sheet after Output
  • Mark Tab: Crop Marks for Laminating.
  • Cut Control Tab: Cut Passes. Perforated Cut Controls
  • Color Adjustment Tab: Level Adjustment, Edit Tone Curves
  • Quality Tab: Print Direction

Setup & Maintenance

  • VersaWorks Setup & Upgrade
  • VersaWorks Media Menu: Media Explorer
  • VersaWorks Printer Menu: Printer Settings (Connect Printer)
  • VersWorks Preference Menu: Unit, Preview Quality, Max. # of concurrent RIP Processes, Memory Amount.
  • VersWorks Clear job to free up disk space
  • Calibration
  • Print-Cut Adjustment
  • Media Gap Adjustment
  • Over Cut Feature
  • Replace Blade protector (Cutting Pad)
  • Replacing the Wiper and the Tray Pad
  • Upgrade Machine Firmware
  • Machine Setup
  • Machine Hibernate Process

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