The students of El Modena’s Spyder Lab have been hard at work in the last two months since the class’s inception, seeing a steady flow of orders from on-campus clubs, organizations, and local businesses around their school. This past week, the dozen or so Print Lab students were given the privilege of submitting their own t-shirt designs for all 100 attending students to wear on the day of the Orange County Department of Education’s upcoming OC Pathways Showcase, and even got to print all of the shirts themselves, right on campus!

Held for the first time in 2015, the showcase is “an annual celebration of the partnership between industry and educational leaders and their joint efforts to equip the next generation and fortify the county’s workforce” and will be a great opportunity for El Mo’s Print Lab students to discuss their experiences working in a professional atmosphere with various real-world professionals who are looking to see how 21st century education is helping to foster the next generation of capable leaders in the American workforce.

Sixth period Lab student Ashley was the one whose shirt design was chosen by the Department of Ed to be printed, something she and her classmates were very excited to hear. After all, all 100 participants will be wearing her original design. Jacob, another Lab student, will be speaking to business associates about his time working as an inspection intern at Engineered Machining Solutions, a company that creates, inspects, and sends off mechanical components for things like satellites and rockets to NASA and SpaceX, which he’s very much looking forward to sharing his experience about.

All in all, it seems that these students are just beginning their entrepreneurial journey and are getting better and better at their jobs with each order. They’re all looking forward to attending the showcase on the 3rd of December and the Spyder3D® team will be right there with them, covering the event and showcasing how our program has helped prepare our students for a brighter future ahead. Stay tuned!

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