Direct to Garment Printing



You have one shirt that you need to print for school. It has specific requirements for the dimensions. Your task is to print the apparel in accordance with the requirements.

File – Spyder Lab Circle Logo Design : Download

Material Type: Regular Black Shirt (Non-DTG-Ready Shirt)
Print dimension: Width 11 inch
Original Artwork size: Unknown

Apparel Pretreatment is needed before you set up your machine to print. The artworks size may not be correct, So you need to adjust the scale or dimension of the graphics in printing software.



  1. Perform nozzle check
  2. Perform manual head clean
  3. Cleans Maintenance Unit (Station)
  4. Cleans Encoder Strip
  5. Explain the process of replacing the Fan Filter
  6. Perform the process of replacing Maintenance Unit (Station)
  7. Perform the process of cleaning Ink Sump (Left / Right)
  8. Perform the process Grease the guide rails
  9. Install W1&2 cleaning solution and show how to circulate it on the printer. Either for fixing the minor Clogged White Ink or not using white ink for a long time.

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