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A school customer comes to the School Spyder Lab and asks about the price for several customized products. You are the office manager for your school Spyder Lab

  1. Regular Banner – 2 ft x 4 ft; Quantity: 2
  2. T-shirtVinyl 2 Color – 2 sides, Quantity: 10
  3. Heavy DutyOutdoor Floor Decals – 40 inch x 40 inch; Quantity: 1
  4. QuickBooks Online Essential Certification “Student Name”. Quantity: 1 (This product is only for this Practice Exam purpose. Fill with student’s name for this unique product. MSRP: 100$)

Assignment 1: Send the Estimate to this new customer.

After you send the estimate to the customer, assume the customer has approved the Estimate. Once you check the inventory, you find out QuickBooks Online Essential Certification “Student Name” is out of stock.

Assignment 2:  Create a Purchase Order to Spyder3D and order that product.

Assume Spyder3D has delivered the product and your team has completed the production. The products are ready to deliver to the customer.

Assignment 3: Convert Estimate to Invoice and email the customer, print packing slip.

Assume the sale reps have delivered the products to the customer , get the packing slip signed and the customer has sent the payment.

Assignment 4: Confirm the payment in QuickBooks Online. Print out the paid receipt.

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