The Dreaded Question:

How many times have you been asked the existential crisis-inducing question, “What do you want to do with your life”? It’s tough to answer, especially when you don’t know what kind of options you have, nor the scope of the available careers out there in the “real world”.

The Path Ahead:

It’s difficult enough to navigate through life’s challenges as a young student, that’s why Spyder3D® makes it easy to explore several unique and engaging career pathways that can lead you directly to a fulfilling career right out of high school.

When it comes down to it, real-world experience is a lot more valuable to employers than a degree alone. Schooling is more often than not theory-based, and experience, for the most part, can only be gained outside of the classroom.

That’s where we come in. Our Spyder Lab™ integrates with your existing classes and allows you to immerse yourself in business, graphic media, and manufacturing, giving you the hands-on experience necessary to understand what working in these fields entail.

We Can Help:

Whether you plan on continuing your studies at a four-year college or heading straight to work after high school, our program can help you find a field that you’ll love, or will help you realize isn’t for you, so that you can continue to search for your passion.

Keep in mind that everybody learns and works differently. A four-year degree isn’t the right path for everyone. As long as you’re willing to learn and put in the work, you can easily find a wide array of lucrative careers that best suit your skillset.


You’ll be immersed in an innovative and fulfilling class featuring the latest and greatest in professional-quality graphic media production technology. You’ll design and create real-world projects for clients both on and off-campus, and learn the ins and outs of the business process from beginning to end.

For more information on what students will be able to create with each piece of machinery, visit our Graphic Media Applications page at

This may vary from school to school, but you can expect to learn the ins of outs of the business journey, from beginning to end in a hands-on, real-world atmosphere. You’ll be soliciting clients on and off-campus, designing and bringing to life various forms of graphic media, fulfilling deadlines, and ensuring the quality of orders.

If your school is already a Spyder3D® partner, all you have to do is enroll in the appropriate class(es) utilizing the Spyder Lab™. Otherwise, ask your teachers to visit our main website at where they can learn more about the program and how to implement it on your campus.

Classes utilizing the Spyder Lab™ will last a standard academic semester, but students may enroll in and take the class as many times as they’d like.

Absolutely! If they’re enrolled in your Spyder Lab™ class with you, of course. Otherwise, you’ll be sure to make plenty of new friends with your fellow classmates.

Worry not, young student! The Spyder3D® team works directly with you and your school to train participants and staff on all there is to know about each piece of equipment, so you can be comfortable and confident in your creations.

As for the workload, balance is key. It’s best to try to allocate the right amount of time to each of your courses. Note that we’ll also be working alongside you throughout the school year, so you and your classmates won’t be at it alone.

The Spyder Lab™ program was made to prepare students for the workforce directly out of high school, whether or not they plan on continuing their education at university. Students can join regardless of their class standing, but by the time a freshman completes a full four-year run in the Spyder Lab™ program, they’ll emerge a confident leader with proficiency in the areas of business, manufacturing, and graphic media.  

Keep in mind that a four-year degree isn’t the right path for everyone. As long as you’re willing to learn and put in the work, you can easily find a wide array of lucrative careers that best suit your skillset.

At your teacher’s discretion, you may be free to create personal projects on your own time once you have gained confident operational knowledge of each machine.

While having existing knowledge of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite will work to your advantage during the actual creation process, students will be taught the basics of the primary applications (Photoshop and Illustrator) in their respective classes, so don’t sweat it!

Reach out to your teachers! Show them our website and let them know your desire and excitement to become a master of business, graphic media, and manufacturing!

Reach out to us! Any other questions, comments, or concerns can be sent via email to


Below you’ll find some handy charts detailing several career paths and median salary ranges that our Spyder Lab™ program can help prepare you for.



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