Established in 1893, Monrovia High School is a gorgeous neo-Spanish-inspired campus nestled against the San Gabriel Mountains. Since its opening, thousands of students have passed through its walls and emerged as confident and competent members of society. Now, Spyder3D®  is proud to partner with the campus to add to their rich history by introducing a new chapter of technological innovation through hands-on learning.

Spyder3D® CEO Mr. Joe Bloomfield and Business Mentor Mr. Leslie Groll speak with instructor Mr. Anthony Flucker about his classroom’s layout.

On Wednesday, February 4th, the Spyder3D® team drove out to Monrovia to deliver the first pieces of their new Spyder Lab™: a Ricoh Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printer, a Roland large-format eco-solvent digital printer, and a Roland vinyl cutter. These three versatile pieces of equipment will allow for users to create and produce items such as banners, stickers, custom apparel, and more without limits. In the coming weeks, our mentors will be visiting again to set up each machine and instruct both students and staff on how to use each piece of equipment, as well as create samples to kickstart the creative process.

Future Spyder Lab™ instructor Mr. Flucker was surprised with a custom-made Monrovia/Spyder3D® Academy T-Shirt.

With the classroom containing the future Monrovia Spyder Lab™ being on the school’s second floor, our team had to get creative themselves to safely and efficiently bring each item up to the class. Utilizing a forklift and a conveniently located elevator, each machine was brought up to the classroom with the help of each team member and several Monrovia staff members.

Spyder3D® CEO Joe Bloomfield maneuvers a forklift to unload the new Roland large-format digital printer.
Spyder3D® Lab Mentor Jun and Business Mentor Mr. Gene Story begin unloading the Roland vinyl cutter.
Spyder3D® Technician Mr. Guillermo Alvarez and Business Mentor Gene Story manage to fit the Ricoh Direct-to-Garment printer into the school’s elevator.

We are absolutely thrilled to be bringing this program to such an esteemed, proud institution and cannot wait to see what the students and staff of Monrovia will create as time goes on. Stay tuned for more developments from our newest partner!

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