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Machine Main Menu


  • The heat function allows the user the preheat the print head or the bed.
  • Once in the submenu, press the plus or minus buttons to increase or decrease the target temperature. The machine will slowly heat up to the desired temperature.
  • Press the orange button to change the interval added/subtracted with each plus/minus button press.
  • Press the bottom left button labeled extrude/bed to change which element to heat. The element displayed is the element currently being heated.
  • After setting a target temperature for either the nozzle or the bed the printer will continue to heat up and retain the target temperature until a print is started or the machine is switched off.


  • The move submenu contains buttons for moving the three axes in either direction.
  • While facing the printer, the x-axis buttons moves the print head left and right, the y-axis buttons move the bed back and forth, and the z-axis buttons move the head up and down.
  • The button in the top right sets the increments the components will move with each button press.
  • Using any of the move buttons will lock that specific axis motor; unlock the motor through the Set > M Off button.


  • The home menu allows the user to move each axis, or all three at once, to their respective origin positions.
  • Using the home function on any of the three axes will lock that respective axis until M Off is pressed.
  • Before leveling the bed, the Z axis must be at its home position.


  • The print function is used to select models to print from the inserted SD card.
  • Newer models are saved at the end; use the Next Page button to move to the end


  • The extrude function allows the user to manually extrude filament.
  • The “IN” button moves the filament out of the nozzle while the “OUT” button retracts the filament back.
  • The other buttons are used to change the amount of material extruded and the speed at which the material is extruded.


  • The level function is used to assist the user in leveling the bed.
  • The location buttons will move the print head to their respective locations and allow the user to calibrate that location.


  • The set menu contains a group of commands used to set up the printer.
  • The two primary features used on this menu are “CHANGE” and “M OFF.”
  • The “CHANGE” button is used to change the filament, refer to the filament change section for more detail.
  • The “M OFF” button unlocks the stepper motors and should be used if the user wants to manually move the axis after using a function that commands the printer to move that axis.

Changing the Filament

  • In the change filament submenu there are two buttons, one marked “IN” and one marked “OUT”
  • Before changing the filament ensure that the nozzle is heated to the correct temperature for the material being unloaded/loaded. The main screen will display the nozzle temperature.
  • The “OUT” button will automatically extrude the filament out of the Bowden tube, with the screen displaying the word “END” once the process is finished.
  • Once the Bowden tube is clear of filament, insert the end of the new spool until the tip touches the extruder gear.
  • While maintaining upwards pressure, press the “IN” button and the printer will automatically extrude material until it reaches the nozzle.


  • The slicer is a program used to convert stls/objs into gcode, a format recognized by our 3D printers.
  • Use the import button to add a file.
  • Double-click the part to open a modification menu.
  • Always hit the “Center and Arrange” button before finalizing to ensure that the part is flat and center.
  • Pressing the bottommost button on the right side opens the support menu.
  • Press “Prepare to Print” when all settings are done in order to view a final preview.


  • The support menu is used to add support in order to accommodate any overhangs that might exist.
  • A typical max overhang angle is between 45-65 degrees for Orbium.

Modification Menu

  • Double-clicking the part opens this menu.
  • The change position buttons will move the selected part.
  • The change scaling will change the size of the part as a percentage or a measurement.
  • The change rotation rotates the parts along a selected axis.


  • Ensure that the nozzle diameter is correct before printing.
  • Use the slider labeled “Infill Percentage” to choose how solid the part should be.
  • Generally, most parts will be between 20%-35% but stronger prints should be printed around 80%.


  • The layer menu allows the user to change the layer height and the number of top/bottom solid layers and perimeter shells.
  • Use 3-4 outlines for stronger pieces and 2-3 outlines for less rigid parts.


  • The primary purpose of the “Additions” menu is to add a brim and ensure there are a proper number of outlines.
  • For a brim to appear ensure that the “Skirt Offset from Part” is set to 0 and the “Skirt Outlines” is between 10 and 25.
  • Use more brim outlines for larger parts and less for smaller pieces.


  • The temperature menu controls the printing temperature.
  • Check that the heated bed is set to 65 degrees and the primary extruder is set to 245 degrees when printing with Orbium.

Print Preview

  • Pressing the “Prepare to Print” button will bring you to this menu.
  • Press the “Save to SD Card” button to save the file as a gcode.

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