Login to Quickbooks

Quickbooks Website

Click the following link to open Quickbooks online website.

Login Page

  1. Click “Sign in”
  2. Choose “QuickBooks Online”

Email and Password

  1. Enter your Email or User ID
  2. Check “I’m not a robot”
  3. Enter your password
  4. If asked, confirm your account with either a text message or email code

Create Quote/Estimate for customers

Create Estimate

  1. Click “+ New”
  2. Under CUSTOMERS, choose Estimate

Add/Pick Customer

  1. Enter the Customer’s name.
  2. If it doesn’t already exist, click “+ Add New”

Customer Information

  1. Fill out the “First name”, “Last name”, and how you want to display the customer’s name
  2. Fill out the email field and any other information you can add
  3. Click “Save”

Pick or Add products/Services

  1. Enter the Customer’s preferred email
  2. Choose the finished product if it exists or “Add new finished”

Add Non-inventory products/Services

  1. Choose Non-inventory 

Add products/Services information

  1. Enter the finished product’s name.
    1. Finished Large Hoodie with Vinyl – 1 Color
  2. SKU
  3. Add a description
  4. Set the price in the “Sales price/rate”

Adjust quantity or rate

  1. Enter the item quantity.
  2. Enter the item rate (price per item).
  3. Save your changes and send the estimate.

Preview and Send Email

  1. Enter a subject for the email.
  2. Enter a body for the email. Explain what the estimate is for!
  3. Send the estimate.

Convert Estimate to Invoice/Pledge

Find Estimate

  1. Hover over “Sales” on the sidebar.
  2. Click “Estimates” to view the estimates you’ve made.

Convert to Invoice/Pledge

  1. Click the arrow next to “Send” for the estimate you want to convert.
  2. Click “Convert to invoice”.

Save and Send Invoice/Pledge

  1. To print the invoice preview what it will look like, click “Print or Preview”.
  2. “Print or Preview” lets you print the invoice.
  3. Click “Print packing slip” to print a packing slip for the invoice, or “Save and send” to send the invoice.

Create Invoice/Pledge without Estimate

Create Invoice/Pledge

  1. Click “+ New”
  2. Under CUSTOMERS, choose Estimate

Save and Send Invoice/Pledge

  1. Choose the customer from the dropdown
  2. Choose your Product/Service
  3. Click “Save and send”

Confirm Payment From Invoice/Pledge

Find Invoice/Pledge

  1. In the menu, hover over “Sales”
  2. Choose “Pledges”
  3. Find the Pledge and Click “Receive Payment”

Confirm Payment

  1. Choose the Payment method
  2. Click “Save and close”

Create Purchase Order

Find Purchase Order

  1. Click “+ New”
  2. Under VENDORS, choose “Purchase order”

Find Purchase Order

  1. Choose a vendor
  2. Choose your Products/Service
  3. Update the quantity

Save and Send Purchase Order

  1. Click the arrow for more options
  2. Choose “Save and send”

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