File Format Supported (Recommend)

Save as illustrator 8 EPS

Load Media

Move the pinch rollers to the edges of the material so that each one is within the grit marks.

Printing Setup Software – CutStudio

Perform a Cutting Test

Hold down key for one second or longer.

The test pattern is cut.

Use the tweezers or a similar tool to peel off the cut shape, and check the cutting quality.

Set the Origin

Press  to move the cutting carriage to the location you want to set as the origin.

Press  to move the material backward, and ensure that the cutting test traces are in front of the blade protector.

Hold down  for one second or longer.

Insert/change the blade holder

Create Cutting Data


Set Material Size

Enter Characters and Shapes

Position characters and shapes at the bottom of the screen

When positioning characters and shapes in CutStudio, it is better to position them starting from the bottom of the screen. This makes it possible to prevent feeding more of the material than needed. The leading edge of the loaded material is the bottom edge of the cutting area in the CutStudio screen. Therefore, positioning characters at the bottom of the CutStudio screen means the characters will be cut close to the leading edge of the material.

Perform Cutting

To change the cutting conditions, click Change, clear the Use cutting conditions of machine check box, and enter values.

Remove Only the Cut Area

CutStudio Advanced Function


Smoothing Function

Over Cut

Full User’s Manual

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