Entering SpyderLab’s recently completed new training center in Brea, visitors see an array of state-of-the-art design and production equipment ranging from large format printers to a bank of 3D printers.  But it is the graphics on the walls and examples of t-shirts, banners, awards and plaques that give the visitor a snapshot of what is possible when creativity meets technology.

The training lab is where SpyderLab teachers and mentors do hands-on learning about each component and how their students can use these tools to create a virtually unlimited number of products ranging from banners and window decals to t-shirts and engraved plaques. Most importantly, they engage in the collaborative process that their students will experience working in their home school’s SpyderLab, from concept through design and ultimately production.

The training center has already hosted a number of excited, proactive educators including a team from Orange County’s OC STEM Initiative (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). They were inspired to see how high school students can learn valuable technical, design and even soft skills like teamwork and conflict resolution to prepare them to be immediate, valuable contributors for future employers.  

During Covid hands-on training has been challenging so the SpyderLab Training Center was set up to conduct remote learning training sessions through Zoom. While not the same as hands-on learning, our “Spyder Worldwide Web” has proven to be an effective teaching tool which can reach a large number of teachers and students alike.

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