In the digital photography room of El Modena High School, rows of computers sit atop desks in front of a large whiteboard. On the right, dozens of past yearbooks line the shelf, a reminder of the sprawling history of their school, founded back in 1966. Just in front of the yearbooks, a new space holds the key to limitless opportunity and creation, offering a new era of innovation and creativity to enhance this esteemed institute. The Spyder Lab is ready for action.

Affectionately referred to by many as El Mo, the Orange school received a modern upgrade mid-July as the Spyder3D® team installed different pieces of equipment used to teach graphic media production along with real-world business skills. Included were a Spyder Nest unit (comprised of six 3D printers), a large-format digital printer/cutter, and a direct-to-garment printer. This fall, El Modena will be the first high school partnered with Spyder3D® to offer an accredited course teaching a combined business and graphic media curriculum utilizing the Spyder Lab, and the faculty couldn’t be more excited. 

On Friday the 19th, the team returned to meet with faculty and students and explain the basics of their newly installed Spyder Lab. A small group of students, amongst the first to take part in this groundbreaking collaboration, made their way into the room, listening intently as Spyder3D® CEO Joe Bloomfield and Procurement Manager Ashley Pang explained how to use each piece of equipment. 

After the brief run-down, the students were given some hands-on creative time, each excitedly designing and printing their own custom t-shirts as well as a large custom banner featuring the logos of Spyder3D® and El Modena, boldly proclaiming that “The sky is the limit!”. Satisfied with their new apparel and banner, the students eventually went on their way, itching to create more when the time comes.

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