Standard Operating Procedures

Project Introduction

1. Class teacher (CEO) will receive project ideas from customers.

2. Work with the teacher to form a group of 4 students and assign the following roles:

  • General Manager, Office Manager, Production Manager and Sales Rep
  • One student must take on a second role of Creative Director

3. Sales Rep contacts the customer to get project details and artwork. Sales Rep will also bring samples of different materials to the customer.

4. General Manager calls a meeting with the entire team for Sales Rep to explain the job.

  • Be sure to discuss if there’s a due date or deadline to meet.

Preparing for Production

5. Creative Director receives artwork from Sales Rep, modifies it if needed, then creates a Proof Approval. The Proof Approval is given to the Sales Rep.

6. Office Manager finds pricing for the needed items, creates a quote, then gives the quote to the Sales Rep. The Office Manager can either look in QuickBooks for standard items OR email Spyder for non-standard items.

  • Questions for Office Manager to ask Spyder: Do you have inventory for this item? What is the pricing for it? What is the lead time for that item?
  • For standard items, a quote is an Order Form. For non-standard items, a custom quote needs to be created.
  • Email for non-standard items.

7. Sales Rep gives the quote and Proof Approval to the customer. If they approve of both, the customer signs them, then Sales Rep gives them to the Office Manager.

  • If any changes are needed, Creative Director will modify the artwork. They will then make a new Proof Approval and give it to the Sales Rep.

Completing the Order

8. Office Manager creates a Work Order and gives it to the Production Manager, then orders any items needed for the job, if necessary.

Use Parking Slip Instead of Work Order Form in QuickBooks

9. Production Manager decides who will help with production, then finds days/times that the needed machine is available to work on the job (cooperate with other Production Managers).

10. Production Manager tells Sales Rep the job’s delivery date, then Sales Rep relays it to the customer.

11. Production Manager completes the order with their team, marks the Work Order as complete, then gives the finished product and Work Order Form to the Office Manager.

  • Creative Director should take pictures of the completed order with the team.

Delivery & Payment

12. Office Manager creates an invoice and packing slip for the order, then gives the packaged order to the Sales Rep for delivery.

13. Sales Rep delivers the order to the customer, gets the packing slip signed, then returns the signed packing slip to the Office Manager.

14. Office Manager asks the customer for payment.

15. General Manager holds a meeting to evaluate how the job went.

  • Reflect on what went well and what issues were encountered- how do we improve for next time?
  • Every team member should answer: What is one thing to take away from the experience of completing this job?
  • Was the customer happy with their order?
  • Was the job done on time and on budget?
  • Was the financial transaction complete?

16. The entire team meets with a Spyder Lab employee to update their portfolios with the completed job.

  • Update list of projects and roles played
  • Update their Employability Skills
  • Upload pictures of the project

Group Roles

CEO/Teacher: Receives project requests from customers and relays them to the Spyder team. The instructor is always the CEO (Chief Executive Officer)!
General Manager: Communicates with the teacher (CEO) on behalf of the team, oversees the entire project and makes final decisions for the team.
Sales Rep: Communicates with the customer on behalf of the team and delivers the completed order.
Office Manager: Verifies pricing and inventory, creates work orders and invoices, receives signed packing slips.
Production Manager: Decides who will help with production, cooperates with other Production Managers to ensure the needed machine is available, completes orders.
Creative Director: Creates artwork for the project and documents the project.

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