While most Diamond Bar High students are long gone on a Monday at 4:00 PM, those who go above and beyond remain behind to work on their extracurriculars. Members of Printed Works, the 3D printing and graphic media production club are one such group.

On August 26th, Spyder3D® CEO Joe Bloomfield and social media specialist Dominique Nguyen met up with the club before their first meeting of the new school year to give an informative social media seminar outlining the importance of and best practices for their club’s social media pages. Nguyen is an experienced social media guru who has racked up an impressive 113,000 and 83,000 followers on her Facebook meditation page and Instagram horse appreciation page respectively. 

She helped Printed Works understand the basics of generating reach, building credibility and engagement, and creating content for social media, even helping to film a short video showing off the robotics team’s 3D-printed remote controlled InMoov robot head right there on the spot. 

With the help of Mr. Bloomfield and Ms. Nguyen, Printed Works is now better equipped to handle the realm of social media and get their name out there into the world. With their school’s Club Rush just around the corner, they’re now more prepared than ever to spread awareness about their club and gain some new members!

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