Saddleback High School now has the third SpyderLab® installation in the Santa Ana Unified School District .. The Roadrunners are up and running!!

Consistent with the school’s focus of Preparing All Students for Success in College and Career, Saddleback has given its full support to the SpyderLab program, even locating the lab in the middle of campus where it is accessible to all students.

BEFORE … The SpyderLab team was given the green light to set up the lab with the layout, equipment, and graphics that would make it as stimulating and functional as possible.

AFTER .. Two weeks later the space was transformed into a state-of-the-art SpyderLabs facility. Professional equipment includes the Roland large-format printer and Roland vinyl cutter,  Ricoh Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printer, the “Spyder Web” bank of 3D printers, and more.

Students will learn to use software design programs like Photoshop; Illustrator and AutoCad on computers equipped to handle sophisticated graphics programs.

Saddleback High School Teachers have been visiting the Spyderlab Training Center in Brea, CA to learn to teach students to use this equipment when school returns. Roadrunner staff, athletic teams, clubs, and student body as a whole can look forward to seeing a host of professional quality items:

  • T-shirts for Roadrunner clubs and teams
  • 3D products for art classes to paint
  • Vinyl Banners and floor decals for around campus
  • Canvas wrap photos of school leaders
  • Recognition plaques and awards for students
  • Products to be used with Fundraising

Students who are inspired by the SpyderLab will not only learn valuable technical skills but also “soft skills” like teamwork, creative thinking, verbal communication, problem solving and even sales and customer service. The combination of these skills will help Saddleback High School achieve its goal of preparing students for college and career success.

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