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The information provided below is to inform you, the employer, about this individual’s mastery in workplace skills that was demonstrated and refined in high school while working in the SpyderLab.
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Who am I

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Projects I am Proud of

My Projects

Roles I played

Project General Manager

Charged with oversight of daily operations. Must have excellent leadership skills. Must be able to make decisions quickly. Manage the daily tasks of others.
Duties include:

• Conduct staff meetings
• Oversee time management
• Assist staff members with various tasks in order to assure projects are successfully completed
• Make critical decisions upon CEO’s (teachers) approval
• Communicate with other managers to arrange machine use and prioritize by product urgency
• Communicate progress and process with CEO (Teacher)
• Establish a skills-based network: collaborate with other Spyder Labs seeking advice, sharing events
• Mentor colleagues (student peers)

Office Manager

Oversight of company organization. Maintain a steady workflow, manage team morale, and increase productivity.
Duties include:

• Order supplies and manage inventory
• Understand the profit margin
• Use QuickBooks®
• Communicate frequently with team

Production Manager

Coordinate and manage the manufacturing process so that products are delivered on time and within budget. Assure goods and services are produced safely, cost-effectively, and meet the required quality standards.
Duties include:

• Provide lead time, inform Office Manager of any delays
• Quality control
• Receive proof for approval from Sales Rep
• Make sure equipment schedules are set

Sales Representative

Plan, execute, and oversee all sales and promotional activities. Charged with establishing territory, up sales product, increase orders, deliver products and documentation to customers.
Duties include:

• Communicate with customer to determine order
• Know on campus vs. off campus pricing
• Close a deal- Know when to walk away
• Report to team
• Provide proof for approval to costumer
• Conduct off-campus negotiation as needed

Creative Director

Collaborate with the client to create their vision. Plan the layout and visuals for print.
Duties include:

• Produce art and designs to support client’s vision
• Turn ideas and messages into visuals
• Approve photographs, artwork, graphics and designs
• Present work to clients and make final changes
• Keep projects on budget and meet deadlines

My Essential Skills




Critical Thinking

Time Management


• Share constructive criticism,
• Actively listen to others
• Communicate expectations verbally, visually, or in writing


• Lead a team through a project
• Keep team organized
• Motivate team
• Take initiative when difficulties arise


• Coordinate with team to execute a high-quality project
• Demonstrate problem solving
• Negotiate, listen, and provide input throughout project.

Time Management

• Organize tasks according to urgency and top priority
• Reserve material and machine time to avoid lead time delays
• Arrive on time and be prepared for all meetings, classes and events

Critical Thinking

• Formulate workable solutions with the team to resolve any obstacles while tackling a task
• Improve process or product through self-directed, self-monitored, and collaborative thinking

Creative Thinking

• Research and brainstorm to come up with original ideas.
• Allow for fluent or continuous flow of ideas from all team members
• Be flexible in order to meet what the client wants
• Confirm that client’s expectations are met or exceeded.

Project General Manager

Hold Meeting / Prepares Agendas
Make Critical Decisions
Give Direction
Oversee Timeline
Communicate with other Managers
Remove Obstacles
Communicate with CEO (Teacher)
Network (call other schools for advice, events and collaboration)
Mentor Teammates

8 Points

Office Manager

Provide Pricing
Manage Inventory/Order Supplies
Gain Knowledge Profit and Loss
Create Work Orders
Send Invoices
Send Order Acknowledgments

6 Points

Production Manager

Schedule Equipment Time
Provide Lead Times
Perform Quality Control
Receive Proof of Approval from Sales

4 Points

Sales Representative

Communicate with Customer
Provide Pricing to Costumer
Close the Deal (Learns to walk away)
Report to Team
Deliver Product
Obtain Proof Approval from Customer
Up Sale (Better construction, lasts longer etc.)
Negotiate with Off Campus clientele

8 Points

Creative Director

Produce Art and Design
Approve artwork design and layout
Present Proof of approval to Sales Rep
Maintain Budget
Present analytical and problem-solving skills
Ability to empathize with clients and team members
Oversee projects

7 Points

Equipment Knowledge Demonstration




Vinyl Cutter

3D Printing


Equipment Certifications

Equipment Essential Intermediate Advance Certified
Vinyl Cutter
3D Printer

Times I Operated Equipment

Eco-Solvent Laser DTG Vinyl Cutter Heat Press 3D Printing Embroidery QuickBooks

Projects I worked on

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