On the afternoon of Thursday the 29th, the Spyder3D® team arrived at El Modena High School to give the first class of students that will be utilizing their new Spyder3D Lab a brief rundown on how to use their large-format Roland digital printer and Ricoh direct-to-garment printer.

The group was split into three smaller rotating sub-groups to provide each student with an intimate hands-on lesson on the basics of each machine and respective software. Graphic designer Jun Yun thoroughly explained how to use the large-format printer’s software and explained a bit more about how the machine works to his groups of curious pupils, helping them print out two professional-quality banners for the El Modena wrestling team.

Meanwhile, Editorial Director Benji Tobi showed his groups how to create custom t-shirts on the direct-to-garment printer including a run-down on how to prepare t-shirts and designs on the shirt-making program. Spyder3D® CEO Joe Bloomfield even stopped by and gave a quick lesson on DTG maintenance, showing students how to properly clean the print head. Once the printer was all fixed up, students Vincent and Zach got to design and keep their very own custom t-shirts.

With the newfound knowledge these students have gained, they are well on their way to producing their own custom products and apparel for more school organizations, classrooms, sports teams, clubs, etc. and even local businesses. This is just the beginning for these creative minds, their student-run business will soon be on its way and their custom creations made today are the first of many more to come!

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